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Global Mental Fitness


Mental training to correct your mistakes to become the best version of yourself, stable for life. Learn the most effective, fastest and easiest mental fitness exercises that you can apply throughout your life, regardless of your life situation. Learn what you are capable of and what is right. Take the opportunity to live a life in which you will know that you made the least mistakes, even if everything does not go as you planned, because you are not alone and almost everyone wants something different. But you know you did everything, don't let it depend on you. Learn that you cannot make your story responsible for how life turns out. What is the story? Everyone has a history, past, grievances, which the individual uses as a reason when he makes a mistake or something negative happens to him. This includes people who shaped the functioning of the personality, for example, in childhood. We all have a story, one way or another, but as an adult, how can you restart from scratch and be independent and free from the things that have negatively, erroneously or positively defined our personality and decisions up until now? We cannot justify our wrong decisions for a lifetime with our negative stories, because then the mistake will never go away and we will pass it on to the next generation, causing eternal suffering. So come and learn to use what benefits you from your story, whether it was good or bad, because every story or life situation serves your learning, and every single story is an electric wave, an energy that is with you constantly. Build yourself up from this to be free and happy, no matter what, and then you can begin to shape a life that will be close to what you envision for yourself.

Come and learn what real, lifelong inner happiness is, which always and everywhere brings joy to you and those around you. No matter what life situation you are in, if you find your inner resources and which is the best version of you, you can find the best solution to your problems and minimize the development of new problems. Even if you have to solve a situation of any size, you will start solving it with the greatest possible mental strength and positively. This is a miracle because you usually get tired of problems after a while, but they are always there. It's just that it doesn't matter whether you can see him with renewed strength, as if he were the first, or if you see him half-given up, resigned, exhausted, because then things will just pile up in your life and you'll quickly get tired, the result of which is that on you it mainly depends on what appears in your life. The bottom line is that even if you sink because your situation is very difficult or long-lasting, it doesn't matter how strong or the outcome the consequence you suffer from the problem is. Mental fitness helps with this, as well as improving physical condition. It doesn't matter whether, as a result of regular exercise, you can run fast to catch the bus you'd miss and get to work, or you don't even start running because you know you won't catch the bus anyway, or it would just require a lot of energy from you, so rather you don't. These are huge differences, because a lot depends on the little things in life, so it's even more important how strong you are mentally, because it also depends on, for example, whether you go to sports or not. Obviously, there are many situations in life that are clearly very immersive and there are no options in terms of getting out of it, but it is there to change the point of view in order to be able to fill and learn from it, which results in making the best of it. , and let us and our environment suffer from it as little as possible. It doesn't matter, I repeat, at what level we allow a problem to consume us, or rather to affect us at a level that is unpleasant. The difference between the two is huge. It doesn't matter whether the individual gets stuck in something for years, decades, a lifetime, or jumps out of it in a few months. Again, this is an incomparable difference.

The greatest value in life begins with health, because you can only participate in life the way you want it if you have it.

If you don't have health, you can't build or keep things you've achieved while you had it.


Creating Happy People

What's wrong? Why are not you happy? You feel like something is missing from your life, even though you have everything. Then what's the problem?

Those who have many or difficult problems, or those who are persistent, think that they are not happy because of that, because there is a problem that cannot or is difficult to solve. Those who have few problems do not understand why they are not happy when they have everything and, compared to others, have no problems. He should be happy, but he isn't, so he starts creating problems for himself. So, true happiness is first to be found in the inner world, and if it is there, shaping the living conditions is much easier to solve, no matter what situation we are in. From the new quantum physics research results, we already know that only what we focus on changes, so if we constantly focus on the outside world, only that will change, but the correct focus is missing until the starting point of the focus is indeterminate in the individual, or the focusing person is unaware of his location and himself. As a result, the electrical energy with which the individual wants to change the external world is inaccurate and incorrect, so that the desired goal will only be partially achieved. Because of this, the individual cannot achieve the desired life situation for himself and his environment, which makes him give up after a while and resign himself to his life situation, then he starts blaming the outside world, which creates conflict and a negative energetic space in his environment. It's time for everyone to know what the starting point is and where it is.

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The possibilities of GMF

Mental Fitness exercises are very simple, easy for everyone to learn, thus everyone, regardless of their situation, has the opportunity to learn and learn how to control themselves at a level that will bring them stability and long-lasting mental joy.

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Global Mental

Few of us know the secret of the miracle of human consciousness, but at least we know, not just believe! Come and learn it yourself, because you have to learn it too!

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