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Global Mental Fitness!
The World's First Mental Gym!
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Would you like to be stably happy, almost regardless of the circumstances? This is your place in the world's first mental fitness room

Global Mental Fitness training technique, be the best version of yourself for a lifetime. Learn the world's most effective, fastest and easiest mental fitness exercises that you can apply throughout your life, regardless of your life situation. Learn what you can do, what's right for you and how to be mentally happy !

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Stress / Relationship / Loss / Divorce / Career / Health / Family / Abundance / Karma / Fears / Spirituality / Sports performance / Rejuvenation / Energy recharge / Team building

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About me

The greatest secret of human existence is inside everyone, get to know yourself!

I warmly welcome you to our website! I am Péter Huszáros, the founder of the Global Mental Fitness technique, which method was created as a result of my spiritual study and practice lasting more than two decades, with the aim of giving every person the opportunity to live their lives in mental happiness. All my life I have researched the capabilities and possibilities of human consciousness, I have been practicing as a hypno-coach for 13 years, I am a member of the world's largest American Hypnotist Association and the Hungarian Complementary Hypnosis Association, I have completed many spiritual courses such as: Reiki, Pránanadi, Oneness, from which I have a master's degree obtained, in 2013 I created my own hands-on energizing method, Resabjuktan, which was a great success. I was a student of the first Hungarian Natural Medicine University in 2012, and I also graduated in Natural Medicine, including Kinesiology, and also obtained a massage qualification. In addition to helping people, Life, as everyone's greatest teacher, taught me through many adversities and difficult circumstances how to be happy despite the circumstances and it also taught me how to help all people regardless of what they are. position, health and social situation, or religious outlook. Happiness belongs to everyone and everyone can only be Happy in the same way, even if they don't understand this yet.


"I'm János Barnabás, experiencing the reincarnation program and the trip was truly a life-changing experience. The program was professionally put together, the experience exceeded all my expectations, and all my doubts about this topic were dispelled."

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Péter Huszáros
Individual entrepreneur tax number: 90159361-1-43
Tel: +36 70 161 1961 Email:


Hungary,1182 Budapest Tarkő street 55.

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